IDMA Bulletin

Expanding as rapidly as the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, the IDMA Bulletin is a premier publication which covers all the essential information so vital to the industry, every week (IDMA Bulletin is published on 7th, 14th, 21st and 30th of every month). This makes it the ideal news source for the Pharmaceutical Industry - manufacturers, government officials, trade, allied manufacturers and educational institutions - practically everyone interested in the pharmaceutical sector. Send us an email to / if you wish to subscribe to this excellent source of information you need to know.

As the official publication of Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association, IDMA Bulletin, now in its 48th year of publication reaches over 25,000 professionals in this industry both in India and abroad. IDMA Bulletin is read by the top decision makers, the men who make the industry grow from strength to strength. This makes it an ideal medium for advertisers too. Send us an email now to / if you are interested in communicating your corporate message or publicize your product effectively to the Pharmaceutical Industry.